Pragmatic Role Of Social Media During COVID 19 Outbreak

The outbreak of pandemic COVID-19 has expanded the health crisis globally and has influenced powerfully on the way we perceive our everyday lives. It began from Chine in December 2019 and has turned into a global dilemma, unlike anything any we have ever come across before. 

If we start giving you some more information about the virus in detail, chances are we might repeat most of the information you already have heard or seen.

So, let spread some positivity in this gloomy atmosphere all around the world.

Let’s find out some pragmatic role of social media during this coronavirus pandemic.

Social media is one of the most immeasurable means of sharing news nowadays, particularly if you want to give information to the people for something serious in a very fast way. Whether it be COVID-19 news from specific states or news on a national range, social media gets the alert wherever it is required. 

Social media is playing its part to give awareness. You have witnessed everything in terms of the coronavirus from the last few days to weeks. How many people are affected by the disease in countries, divisions, and specific cities and towns? The statistics have made people informed of how the condition has been continually declining.

Social media is also educating people about the symptoms of COVID-19 or maybe protecting lives! 

Protection tips are another Huge thing circulating via social media. Particularly, one term “social distancing” is being used helpfully. It is the act involves developing the physical space among people to stop spreading the virus. It is also advised to keep at least six feet distance from other people to reduce your possibilities of catching a virus. 

Another best thing that is happening across the social media platforms is that several professional sportsmen, celebrities, and influencers are advising their fans to take every precaution, also sharing their experience they see about COVID-19. Whether it’s Tom Hanks who experienced the sickness himself or other high-profile figures self-isolating themselves, people are more interested to listen from these figures who speak out or share a message via social media. 

During this pandemic, social media is also playing their part in digital marketing which is a great way for businesses in the time of economic crisis to reach possibilities and consumers. especially when you can not communicate directly to your customers’ social media is the right platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Pinterest. It can give striking success to your business. 

Another social media positive aspect during this pandemic is how to cope up with social isolation and loneliness when you have to actually distance yourself from others?  

The solution lies at our fingertips. Social media is giving people a sense of being normal during these stressful times by allowing people to stay connected with their friends, extended families, and communities to interact with them in online discussions and keeping them engage some lighter stuff available in social media.

We have tried to spread some positivity through discussing some good points of social media role in this stressful time.

If you have some query feel free to ask us.

Omer Nadeem

Co-Founder of artimization who is passionate about bringing colour, clarity and budget-ability to businesses' experience of IT.

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