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Understanding The Packaging Design Process

Packaging design is more than just pretty pictures; it is a complex process that starts well before you launch your product in the market.

There are three questions you must answer before you approach a designer for a packaging design:

  1. What is the product?
  2. Who’s buying the product?
  3. How are people buying the product?

These answers will not just give you clarity, but they will also guide you (and the design company) in making the several decisions that you’ll have to make in the packaging design process.

However, if you’re still pondering over any or all of these questions, then it means you’re not ready to start the packaging design process just yet. That’s fine! Better take your time and get it done right instead of rushing into it.

Okay but.. Can’t I design the packaging myself?

Sure you can, if you’re a professional graphic designer. We wouldn’t recommend taking that risk otherwise.

Let our expert graphic designers take care of that for you so you can sit back and focus on other important aspects of your business.

From food and beverages to cosmetics and clothing, we can do it all.

Our Process

How It Works

Step 1:

Do your research and shortlist the services you need

Step 2

Book a kickoff meeting with to discuss your requirements

Step 3:

Sit back and relax as we work on creating the perfect packaging design for your product

An All-In-One Solution

Powerful Features

We know there is a pool of graphic designers available out there offering
this service, but we can bet that they don’t offer this much value.

Professional Graphic Designers

Our team comprises of creative and professional graphic designers who are experts at what they do.

24×7 Live Support

We offer live support through our phone, email, and live chat so you can quickly get answers to all your queries.

Complete Transparency

We keep you updated throughout so you can give real time feedback to the designers for any changes you want in your packaging design.

Full Copyright Ownership

Your design will be given to you with complete ownership and copyrights along with final source files.

 Unlimited Revisions

We offer unlimited revisions and change without any extra charges.


Print-Ready Designs in HD files

Your design will be sent to you as a high-resolution vector file in .png, .jpeg, .ai and .psd file formats ready to print.

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How is product package design important for my Business?

Packaging design plays a major role in how customers would look at your your company and nore particularly, your brand. For a particular person, investing and putting their money in great packaging would lure more customers and lead to customer attraction. Tempting packaging design can indeed lead to increased sales and more revenue.

Product packaging gives an outstanding first impression and attracts more customers to your brand!

No matter what industry you are in, you are dealing with a pool of competitors and it is a dire need for you to stand out from the crowd.

Effective and good packaging is one of the most effective ways in which you can outsmart your competition and attract potential customers. So, if you are selling your products in a brick-and-mortar type environment where you stand and work besides competitors, your packaging design is the first and foremost thing that a potential customer will see lying on the shelf. Your customer and let us face it mostly everybody may make their first impressions about a certain product or your brand and your company typically based on the way your package designs looks.


Effective Packaging Can Reinforce You Brand Identity

With an effective and a beautiful, customized packaging design, you can strengthen your brand identity to connect with your potential customers and create a clear first impression.

A poor packaging design can impact your brands success in various ways. You cannot let that happen, can you?

It creates a clear first impression of your brand, company, and products to new prospective customers.

It reminds and gives a much better idea to your customers about your brand and the amazing products that your company has to offer.

An outstanding packaging design is one of the many secrets to defining and shaping your brand identity that one company treasures the most. But to do this professionally, you have to create a constant and a reliable impression that will give you the end result in the acknowledgement of your brand and the products that you offer.

With an effective packaging design, you can connect with your customers on a whole new level.

Your Package Designing Communicates Most of the Information About Your Product

Not all packaging are designed in the same type of style but communicating most of the information about the product can help you in various ways and is the one thing they all stick to. The packaging of your product needs to be brilliant and informative. It is important to tell your users the whole thing they need to know before even opening your product. It is therefore necessary to put all the answers and solutions that may come to your users mind on the outside, so they learn all about your brand and your product before they even open the packaging of the particular box.

Information like what is the product. What is the particular product used for? When does it expire? Why is this product important for the use of the customer and impact will it have on their lives.

Asked Questions

What do I need to provide for packaging design?

You need to provide us the dieline template from your printer. Packaging designs are complex and depend on the type of packaging used. Hence, our designers cannot proceed with the designs without the dyeline template

How many designs will I get?

It depends on the package you choose. We give a fixed number of designs in every package. For instance, if you choose the executive package, you will get 40 designs. Extra designs can be added at an additional cost.

Do I get the copyright and ownership of the design?

Yes! Your unique designs will be transferred to you with complete ownership and copyrights and final source files. This means they cannot be used by a third-party without your permission.

Can I ask revisions for the designs I receive?

Definitely. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. The price you pay for your designs includes unlimited revisions and changes to the designs made for you, so you don’t have to pay anything extra.

How much does the packaging design cost?

Artimization charges according to the package you choose – not the design. So you’ll have to pay for whatever package you choose. In case you want a single design only, we will request you to share your requirements and then quote a price accordingly.

I want to use my own elements and designs - can I do that?

You can definitely do that. Just send us the elements (image, icon etc.) that you wish to include in the design with instructions and our designers will incorporate them into the main design.

What if I do not like the design?

All our contracts are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. Just let us know if the designs were not up to the mark and we’ll refund your money.

Will you work on my existing logo or video or package?

Yes! Artimization does not restrict clients. We are open to working with your provided designs.

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