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Organic SEO Is a game-Changer for Your Company

If you own a business, you understand how important it is for customers to visit your website. After all, it’s there that they will find out more about your products, services, and brand.

  • Increased Visibility in Search Engines
  • Enhances Brand Awareness
  • Increases value over time
  • Relatively affordable
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Devoted SEO Experts

Did You Know?

Google search, Google Images, and Google Maps account for 92.96 percent of global traffic.

That statement is right, as research has shown that SEO generates much more traffic
than organic social media or conventional marketing strategies.

You Need To Be Aware Of
What can we do to help you?

Our team at Artimization uses cutting-edge SEO services backed by best digital practices to boost the traffic and rankings for targeted keywords and long-tail phrases that bring in new business and potential customers.

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Keyword Research in Depth

To begin, you must first identify your objectives, after which we will conduct a thorough search for keywords and catchphrases that are most appropriate for your company.


Personalized Strategy

The main concept of SEO services includes a custom plan as a key component. You can maximize your return on investment by using a strategy that is tailored to your business.

Organic Traffic

Reports on a Monthly Basis

You need an organization that your team can trust and rely on, which is why we provide frequent monthly reports, which are also a critical requirement.

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We Assist You in Increasing Your Visibility

We have market exposure through our creative tactics, resulting in a completely new and different kind of revolutionary branding.

Are you ready to profit from high-powered SEO campaigns designed by Artimization’s SEO experts?

The most effective content marketing channel for creating scalable, long-term ROI is organic search engine optimization. 

But what if you simply aren’t getting the website traffic you require to propel your company to industry prominence?

While implementing an organic SEO campaign does not guarantee that your company will become well-known, it does and will ensure that your website ranks highly in search engine results pages (SERPs), resulting in increased site traffic and sales.

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    Did you know?

    The average visit to a Shopify store lasts for 3 minutes and 6 seconds

    In today’s day and age, we know that it takes more than creating a beautiful online store to draw in more shoppers or customers. Therefore, you need Shopify SEO experts by your side who can steer you in the right direction.

    What is organic SEO and how does it work?

    Organic SEO is an online marketing strategy comprised of smaller sub-strategies such as keyword research and connection building that help your website rank at the top of unpaid, organic search engine results pages.

    What are the benefits of organic SEO services?

    Organic SEO allows the company to reclaim leverage of its marketing budget.

    If traditional marketing strategies such as paid advertising (PPC) are mismanaged, they can result in high monthly costs. When your budget runs out, CPC prices rise, or your target market shifts, your investments come to a halt, and your reach effectively vanishes.

    Organic SEO, on the other hand, offers a predictable, measurable return on investment that you can prepare for and budget for, and then watch the traffic and connections grow and compound over time.

    What is the significance of organic SEO?

    Since 75% of searchers don’t even look through the first page of results, organic SEO is critical. If your website isn’t ranking well, you can bet it won’t get much traffic, which means it won’t be able to generate sales or leads for your business.

    Since consumers depend on search engines to find what they need, businesses must also pay attention to organic search engine optimization. A search engine, such as Google, is where over 90% of online interactions begin.

    You’re wasting money if you don’t appear at the top of organic search results.

    Organic traffic accounts for more than 40% of all sales. Not to mention, search engines have an eight-fold higher close rate than conventional marketing. Search is a valuable marketing channel that is ready to help the company generate sales.

    All you have to do now is begin optimizing your site for organic SEO services with a company like Artimization that delivers Results.

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    The Relationship between Google and organic SEO

    Let’s take a look at how ranking works, as well as how organic SEO and Google are connected.

    Before we can discuss organic SEO, we must first comprehend Google and why it is so essential to your organic SEO strategy.

    As a search engine, Google bears a significant amount of liability. The main aim of the most common search engine is to ensure that when a user enters a search query, it returns the most useful and informative results possible.

    Google wants its search results to be all-encompassing tools that fit users’ search purpose — the details they’re looking for while searching online.

    Not only that, but Google is concerned about the experience its users would have on a website, so it considers factors such as a website’s user experience, page speed, and dwell time.

    Both of these web indicators have a major impact on organic search rankings and the placement of your site in SERPs.

    Organic SEO’s Advantages

    You’re probably thinking to yourself, “OK, so companies are doing organic SEO, but what are the benefits and is it worthwhile?” We at Artimization don’t even need to know what sector your company is in to tell you that it’s well worth it. Below listed are the reasons what makes Organic SEO worthwhile.

    Boosting Visibility

    Sure, advertisements on television and radio are still used today, and they’re still effective marketing tools. There were 4.1 billion internet users in the world as of December 2018. With that number in hand, it’s impossible to deny that the internet is rapidly becoming the most effective marketing tool available. You’re putting yourself in the best place to increase eligible leads by rising your website’s visibility. This will give your company an advantage over competitors who do not have an online presence, while also leveling the playing field against competitors who do.

    Increasing Brand Recognition

    Users are getting more familiar with your company and/or services over time, which is known as brand recognition. Users who are looking for products or services that your company provides will be more likely to recognize and visit your site if you build brand awareness. The more often a customer sees your brand, the more likely you are to gain their company.

    Increases value Over Time

    When you use paid advertisements, your SERP rankings will vanish if you stop paying. With organic SEO, the keywords you begin to rank for will stay and, with maintenance and improvements over time, will even increase. The more traffic you generate over time and if the content is useful, the more likely Google can boost your ranking in the SERPs.

    Significantly Less Expensive

    Whatever type of digital marketing strategy the company employs, industry saturation will always be a roadblock to success. Having to compete against massive marketing budgets is no longer a factor in one’s ability to succeed. What is it about organic SEO that I find so appealing? It is the most level playing field in the marketing world, and everyone can do it! Smaller companies are easily disqualified by organizations that can outbid them in paid advertising. Via strategic organic SEO strategies, even the smallest company can compete with Fortune 500 businesses using organic SEO.

    Organic SEO Techniques Are Divided Into Many Groups

    The techniques and methods used to perform organic SEO can be classified into three categories:

    • White Hat SEO
    • Grey Hat SEO
    • Black Hat SEO

    It is important to understand the differences between these approaches and strategies, since some of them have extremely negative consequences.

    White hat SEO

    The word “white hat SEO” refers to strategies and approaches that are universally accepted and comply with Google and other major search engines’ terms and conditions. These techniques, which are currently classified as white hat SEO, are rarely changed and are considered the safest and most compliant type of organic SEO. Here’s a rundown of general guidelines to follow to ensure you’re following white hat SEO best practices:

    • Content development that is unique and informative
    • Keyword stuffing-free alt text and Meta-descriptions
    • Users can appreciate how quickly the website loads and how easy it is to navigate.

    Grey Hat SEO is a form of search engine optimization that uses

    Since, well, they’re in the grey, grey hat SEO techniques and methods are a little difficult to categorize. There’s no denying that using grey hat SEO techniques is riskier than using white hat SEO techniques, but I wouldn’t call them black hat SEO either. This is because they strike a balance between what is appropriate in terms of Google’s and other major search engines’ terms and conditions. These methods are dangerous since certain methods straddle the line between acceptable and unacceptable. If you use grey hat SEO techniques, you must regularly check to see if Google considers them appropriate. Here are a few examples of today’s most popular grey hat SEO techniques:

    • Buying and selling old domains
    • Content duplication (using content spinning tools)
    • Links to make purchases
    • Social network automation

    Black Hat SEO

    The risks of black hat SEO techniques should be obvious after reading about white hat and grey hat SEO techniques and methods. These methods are in direct violation of Google’s and other major search engines’ terms and conditions. If you engage in black hat SEO, your website will be removed from search engine results. Check this list of prohibited activities to ensure that your organic SEO approach does not include any black hat SEO techniques:

    • Content development that is automated
    • Keyword stuffing of content False competitor news
    • Links to make purchases
    • Link farms that spin content
    • Creating duplicate content domains or subdomains

    Ranking Factors for Organic SEO

    When deciding how to rate the content in SERPs, search engines use proprietary algorithms that consider a variety of factors. Google, for example, claims to accept more than 200 signals.

    Among the most important are:

    • Quality content.
    • Direct web traffic.
    • Reputable backlinks.
    • Mobile responsive design.

    The professional organic SEO experts at Artimization have discovered that it can take atleast more than 100 days for content to fully “mature.”

    This means that Google must assess the worth of your web pages in comparison to other pages that already exist for that keyword or key phrase. Google tests user reaction to your content over the course of three months before determining how high or low your content would appear in SERPs.

    Your content can experience SERP volatility after it goes live; this is Google testing how valuable your content is and whether it’s worthy of a Page 1 location.

    Artimization’s professional team of experts stays on top of evolving SEO procedures and tactics. When search engines evolve, our suggestions evolve as well. As a result, your ROI is still futureproofed, ensuring that you can rely on organic SEO benefits both now and in the future.

    SEO for content and content for SEO

    Your SEO strategy should complement – not compete with – your broader content marketing objectives. SEO isn’t possible without content, and content isn’t possible without SEO.

    This is something we keep in mind when planning our campaigns. We recommend content marketing assets for every stage of the funnel to fuel your organic channel marketing.

    Although you may want more traffic, clicks, and rankings on the surface, what you really want is more leads, conversions, and sales.

    Content marketing and SEO will help shorten sales cycles and cultivate sales-ready leads, so every asset and optimization is an investment in acquiring new clients.

    Advanced SEO Provides Long-Term Returns

    SEO is a long-term endeavor. As a result, designing campaigns with staying power is the quickest and most enduring way to achieve long-term ROI.

    Artimization futureproofs the web pages and the content that lives on them with corporate digital marketing software and patented SEO techniques. We also work hand-in-hand with our many specialist departments as well as the broader internal digital marketing machinery.

    For example, you will see how our advanced, data-backed offerings set us apart from other SEO firms.

    Are you prepared to start implementing an organic SEO strategy?

    Do you want to reap the benefits of a custom, organic SEO approach right away?

    Artimization is one of the best SEO service providers and one of the top leading SEO companies and SEO Consultants in the country. We have the experience to develop a powerful strategy that will help you attract organic search traffic and increase the number of visitors to your website. International publications such as DesignRush and Yahoo have classified us as the most trustworthy SEO firm.

    We are special in that we work with a customized SEO approach that is developed and implemented by Artimization’s technical team. Please let us know if we can assist you in achieving your business objectives and locating related clients using Google and other search engines.

    Case Study

    How We Have Achieved 70% Success Rate In Just 2 Months

    Egygamer hired us for 2 months to do SEO and assist with increasing their overall organic traffic and sales.


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    Pricing & packages.

    Find SEO pricing & packages that increase your website
    ranking on top search engines within a short span of time.

    Standard SEO

    Silver Package

    Per Month
    • 10 Keywords Primary + Secondary
    • Limited article submission
    • 3 Blog Posting (500 Words)
    • Monthly SEO & Activity Reports
    • Best result within 9 months
    Advanced SEO

    Gold Package

    Per Month
    • 25 Keywords Primary + Secondary
    • 3 Articles (500 Words)
    • 7 Blog Posting (500 Words)
    • Monthly SEO & Activity Reports
    • Best result within 6 months
    Enterprise SEO

    Platinum Package

    Per Month
    • 50 Keywords Primary + Secondary
    • 7 Articles (500 Words)
    • 15 (500 words)
    • Weekly SEO & Activity Reports
    • Best result within 6 months

    Frequently Asked

    What is an Organic SEO?

    When you’re looking for something, the first thing you can do is go to Google. If you need to buy a product or employ services, you go straight to Google and type in some keywords that are important to your quest. Then you search the internet before you find someone who matches your criteria. The majority of people just look at the links on the first page of results. As a result, you must rank first in order to make your website available, which is accomplished by SEO.

    What Is Included in an SEO Package at Artimization?

    Artimization’s SEO packages include:

    • You must conduct a thorough review of applicable keywords that you have accepted.
    • A six-month contract is required as a minimum.
    • A detailed plan and strategy
    • Analyze SEO in Depth
    • Check your baseline ranking
    • and a lot more.

    To learn more about our affordable and exclusive packages, visit our Packages and Pricing page.

    How can I tell if my website is search engine friendly?

    There are several free and paid resources for testing your online store’s search engine optimization, or you can search the Shopify App store for applications to test SEO.

    Which is more effective: SEO or PPC?

    This is akin to saying, “Which is more critical to the Patriots, Bill Belichik or Tom Brady?” You might make a case for either, but the fact is that both are critical to the team’s success. The same can be said for SEO and PPC campaigns (pay-per-click). Without SEO, you couldn’t create domain authority, organic brand loyalty, or a fully developed online presence. Similarly, without PPC, you wouldn’t be able to target prospects based on demographics, habits, or keywords.

    Is Organic SEO Essential for My Company?

    Yes, you can invest in SEO for your business. Search engine optimization allows you to increase traffic without having to pay for each individual click.

    When you run PPC ads, you’ll be paid for each and every click that comes through that channel to your website. This traffic, on the other hand, is effectively free if the website ranks organically in the search engines (at least in terms of a cost-per-click). Of course, ranking a website on the SERPs necessitates an investment in skills and resources.

    If you can get your website to the top of the search engines, you’ll get a steady stream of traffic that won’t cost you anything to click on and won’t stop even if the advertisements are switched off. If you rank organically, you’ll have visibility 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Will it hurt my site if I do not get it optimized?

    Keep in mind that organic search accounts for approximately 53% of overall site traffic. Your rivals are benefiting from this traffic if you ignore SEO. The value of SEO cannot be overstated for most companies. You need to pay attention to your SEO plan no matter what type of business you have, whether you’re a small business, sell online, or are a multinational corporation.

    How will I discover the keywords that people use to find businesses similar to mine?

    You can’t go through an SEO plan without knowing what you’re doing. To customize your site for these keywords, you need to know what people are looking for on Google to find businesses like yours.

    You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to do this. After that, you’ll be presented with a slew of similar keyword suggestions, together with their monthly search amount.

    How Long Would It Take To Get A Google Ranking?

    As is the case for many Organic SEOs, the answer is: it depends.

    The days of launching a website, optimizing title tags, and ranking in a few weeks are long gone. You can’t expect a website to rank for competitive search queries the moment it goes live. Google rates relevant sites that have built up authority over time, so it takes time for a website to perform organically.

    You must earn your way to the top of Google and prove that you are deserving of that position.

    A good response is six to one year, but this is highly dependent on the amount of energy you devote to your plan, the level of competition, and what those who compete for the same queries are doing.

    At Artimization, we take care of it all for you.

    Should I focus on SEO, PPC ads, or both?

    The question of whether a company should invest in SEO, PPC, or both is frequently asked. It’s the age-old controversy between SEO and PPC.

    In an ideal world, a company’s marketing channels should be balanced to avoid relying on a single source of traffic (and conversions). Budgeting can be difficult, particularly for small companies, and resources must be distributed efficiently. Money isn’t limitless. And mostly they areo n a budget.

    Also in this case, a long-term SEO strategy must be balanced with a limited but focused PPC campaign.

    At Artimization, we promise you long term success and rankings on the front page of Google!

    How Do I Write Content That Is SEO-Friendly?

    SEO-friendly content isn’t synonymous with keyword-stuffed content.

    The truth is that if you want your content to work well organically, SEO must be an integral part of the content development process. So, how do you make content that is SEO-friendly?

    You begin with keyword research to learn about the words people are looking for, decide search purpose, choose the best format, and optimize your on-page SEO.

    Save up your precious time and partner with the Best Organic SEO agency. We will do all the work for you while you can focus on running your other day to day activities!

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