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2D animation is a proven way for a brand to reach a large audience and make a lasting impression. 2D animation explainer videos helps a business grow and reach its full potential.

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A bespoke 2D animation video might be a terrific
way to boost your brand’s visibility.

It’s a technique for creating movement in a two-dimensional environment. Characters, special effects, and scenery are all included.

2D animation refers to the creation of art and design in a flat environment.

If you’re seeking for wonderful 2d animation services, Artimization is the best place to be.

Our team works effectively on screenplay and voice over of animated videos to help your brand stand out and stay one step ahead of competitors.

With Artimization, your brand can get the attention it deserves.

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What Are Explainer Videos?

Short animated videos that describe your products, services, or another part of your business are known as explainer videos.
These videos are an appealing method to explain a key subject linked to your business to website visitors.

With today’s Internet users’ average attention spans hovering around eight seconds, it’s more vital than ever to provide information to them in as little time as possible.

You can do just that with the help of 2D Animation explainer videos.

They enable you to give your site visitors a concise, animated overview of a product or service, making it simple for them to consume and comprehend.

2D Animation Explainer videos are a terrific way to deliver fast brain nourishment to your website visitors because they are so eager for instant information.

These films increase the usability of your site by giving users an alternative to reading through all of your content.

2D Animation videos are a fantastic method to supplement your page content, increase conversions, and educate your audience about your products and services in a fun and engaging way.

With the help of a trusted & Professional explainer video company in USA, your business can achieve real growth and success.

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Get in touch Artimization today if you’re interested in implementing 2D Animation explainer videos on your website but aren’t sure where to begin. Explainer videos play a vital role in any digital marketing strategy.

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Script Writing

This will affect the length of the video and the manner in which the narrator speaks. It’s also a key element of the process.
This is also the time to consider what questions you’ll need to answer and how you’ll combine your call to action.

100% Original Designs

Storyboard Presentation:

This will include simple design and text based on the screenplay, which will serve as the production’s foundation.
Because it is the easiest area to edit, it will also be where half of the refinement stage will take place. You can also add or remove lines from the script here.

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Voice Over Recording

Before moving on to this step, the screenplay must be completed in order for the voice actor to begin recording. It’s up to you to pick from your company’s list of available actors.
Try to decide which voice actor would be most suited to deliver your message to the public.

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Finally, this is where the production will be done. Because the animators will have all of the criteria, everything prior to this phase will almost certainly be completed before they begin.
The animators will now either sketch or digitally draw your presentation based on the storyline and storyboard.

Did You Know?

Conversions will improve by 86 percent when videos are included on landing pages. Also,

When a 2D animated video and text are both available on the same website, 72 percent of people will watch the video rather than read the text to learn about a product or service.

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Benefits Of 2D Animation Explainer Videos:

Artimization is one of the best 2d animation explainer video company in USA.

If you are wondering whether 2D Animation services are suitable your company, check out some of the amazing benefits of 2D Animation videos below!

They Kee Your Audience Engaged:

2D Animation Explainer videos accomplish several things, but one of them is to keep site visitors engaged. You’ll be able to hold visitors’ attention for longer with explainer videos on your site than you would with plain text material.

That’s because it offers the same information in a fun, engaging way that you’d write paragraphs about.

Users are drawn to videos because they provide them with the same information that they would obtain from reading text without having to read it.

In fact, consumers may sit back and relax while listening to the information and watching attractive animations or videography to go along with it.

They boost conversions.

2D Animation videos can help if you’re searching for a way to boost overall conversions on your website.

Explainer videos can help your online business convert by combining their capacity to demonstrate a potential customer exactly what they’re getting with their engaging character.

Indeed, 73 percent of customers are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video about it.

They’re a fantastic addition to your website.

2D Animation videos are a terrific tool for your website since they assist consumers learn about your products and services while also increasing conversions.

When consumers engage with your pages more, it implies they’re staying on your site longer, which is a good indicator for Google

Visitors who linger on your website convey a signal to Google that they’re reading useful material and that your information is worthwhile.

Not only that, but videos also assist in bringing your site to life. They help break up big blocks of text to make your page more aesthetically beautiful and serve as an additional opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

They Make Complicated Things Look Much Easier

One of the most important things to keep in mind when presenting information to an audience is that they respond better to things that are shown to them rather than explained to them.

Assume you’re in the shopping for a new keyboard for your computer.

The brand you’re purchasing with is extremely knowledgeable, which means their textual description contains a lot of technical jargon you’re unfamiliar with.

Fortunately, they also include an 2D Animation explainer video that will demonstrate — as well as tell — you everything you need to know about the keyboard in question.

They’ll be able to show you the features of the keyboard via an explanatory video. When you show users pictures, animations, and video of a product or service instead of just talking about it, it’s lot easier for them to understand.

It’s a lot easier for them to digest, which means they’re more likely to convert.

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Asked Questions

What is 2D Animation?

The best technique to entice your audience is to use 2D animation. These videos are completely immersive and engrossing. A fascinating representation of a product, service, or brand is created by combining bold, lively, and vivid colors with stunning imagery and characters. 2D animations can persuade clients and impact purchasing decisions when utilized for marketing objectives.

What is the Process that is followed in 2D Animation?

The process of making a 2D animation is divided into several steps. It is recommended that when generating a 2D animation video, you follow these steps to ensure that the video is perfect:

  1. Conceptualization
  2. Initial Production
  3. Creation of Animation
  4. Production

Is 2D Animation Still Relevant in today’s day and age?

2D animations are still very popular. Marketers will love these films since they keep the audience engaged while delivering the message. 2D animation videos can be used for marketing, advertisements, TV shows, products, and more.

How much does 2D Animation cost?

The cost of 2D animation per hour or movie is determined by the video’s quality, requirements, animation, and other considerations.

However, the cost is highly dependent on your unique needs and requirements. You may easily visit and have a look at our 2D Animations packages to have a much better idea.

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