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What Is PPC Advertising?

There are more opportunities that are available today to reach your targeted audience easily. PPC Management is a digital advertising model in which you advertise your business through search engines. When a particular user searches for a product or service on Google or Bing, we will help your business appear on the front page of popular search engines.

In PPC, a user only pays when someone clicks on their ads. It is usually linked with paid search advertising but is also used popularly on social media platforms.

There are various types of ads and they come in many shapes, sizes and different formats. The most commonly used are Text ads, those are the ones that you usually see on top of search engines.

On the other hand, Display ads consists of product images, visuals, user ratings and similar elements.

A well-rounded PPC campaign may utilize multiple platforms for various purposes. A Facebook ad might target top-of-funnel blog readers whereas a retargeting ad might be geared toward people who have visited your site and added items to a shopping cart, only to abandon them there a few minutes later.

PPC, or also known as pay-per-click advertising, is one of the most effective ways to target your audience. It allows you to stay one step ahead of your competitors and allows you to reach your particular audience where they are already searching for a business like yours.

This is what makes PPC marketing different and unique. It is versatile enough to tailor it particularly to your unique business needs for achieving targeted results.

Our PPC experts provide you with support to tailor your campaigns for optimal results.

PPC advertising can help your business reach new heights. With us, you can:



Researching keywords is an essential part of any digital marketing campaign. It is therefore vital to find and identify keywords that your audience is searching for and are most likely to attract site visitors.



It is vital to conduct a PPC audit to figure out the right mix of ad networks, which further comprises of paid search and social media advertising.



It is also essential to design a short copy that contains an inspiring call to action.


Split tests

Use site traffic and visitor behavior to optimize your sales funnel. Use site traffic visitor behavior, conduct a split test to optimize your sales funnel



Conduct a thorough competitor analysis and set a while looking out on what your competitors are doing.


Analyze campaign

Report and review campaign metrics to constantly improve your PPC strategy and optimizing it.

What’s Included in Monthly Management?

Our agency’s PPC management services include the following tasks as part of monthly management:

  • Bid Management
  • Ad Placement and Targeting Adjustments
  • Geo-targeting Improvements
  • Keyword Management
  • Ad Copy Optimization and Testing
  • Landing Page Performance Review
  • Cost and Performance Analysis
  • Check In Calls/Meetings
  • Monthly Campaign Performance Report

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    Why is PPC Management Important?

    It is also vital for advertisers to follow the community guidelines and best practices heat can help you rank higher and gain a much better position on web pages.

    This is a very crucial aspect because dropping from 1st position to 3rd position on your targeted SERP can reduce your click through rate by almost 50%.

    Our PPC managers can responsively swing ad spend across platforms to maximize your results using a data-driven strategy. Monthly audits verify that you’re acting on the most up-to-date information. Your strategist will adjust your PPC campaigns as your organization’s goals change.

    For example, as your content marketing strategy drives more unpaid organic traffic to your landing pages, your strategist may recommend focusing your expenditure on a single product or offer.

    Why PPC Matters

    Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are excellent at boosting site traffic, converting visitors to customers, and achieving other crucial sales goals because of their high visibility.

    Indeed, 33% of consumers say they click on paid advertising because they answer their search question directly.

    When PPC ads are directed by a defined plan, they provide the best return on investment. The following are some of the elements of a successful campaign:

    • Deliberate and thoughtful keywords.
    • Engaging content.
    • Calculated, planned bidding.
    • Fully optimized landing pages.
    • A Thorough Performance analytics.

    At Artimization, our expert PPC strategists can easily support your ad campaigns with their profound expertise and responsive actions. Our aim is to maximize your results and help your company reach their goals.

    What PPC Management Services does Artimization offer?

    Our PPC management services increase your ability to achieve your business goals. Artimization expert professionals help you oversee all the moving parts so you can focus on growing your business.

    Paid Text Ads

    An optimized text ad, one of the most prominent paid ad styles, helps buyers access content appropriate to their needs, whether they’re ready to buy or still need to learn more.

    Artimization’s expert PPC strategists can assist you with creating compelling headlines and descriptions, as well as determining which ad extensions are appropriate for each campaign.

    Your expert strategist will help you in developing effective ads for your business by:

    • Crafting appeals that resonate with your target audience, your strategist will assist you in developing successful advertising for your company.
    • Using persuasive writing to encourage customers to take action.
    • Using essential keywords in your ad copy in a natural way.
    • Checking that your ad copy and product landing pages are in sync.
    • Making sure your adverts are mobile-friendly.

    Display Ads

    Through the Google Display Network, which reaches 90 percent of all internet users on YouTube, Gmail inboxes, a variety of websites, and more, display advertisements help you attract clients and promote your brand.

    Your ads can be banners, sidebar ads, half- and full-page ads, and many other sizes, all using dynamic images and optimized text. You may even make your advertising with animated GIFs.

    Our PPC managers can build ads with Google’s AMP platform, which reduces file sizes for faster loading. That means higher viewability and higher click-through rates, which improves ad performance.

    Our PPC managers can create ads using Google’s AMP platform, which compresses files and speeds up loading times. This increases ad performance by increasing viewability and click-through rates.


    A viable sales lead may require seven or more touches. Through repeated interactions with your messaging, retargeting allows your business to connect with new and returning customers.

    Retargeting networks convert clients wherever they are on the internet by using cookies and third-party user data.

    Using look-alike audiences who exhibit online behavior similar to your target clients, this method can help you locate potential customers who have never visited your site.

    Shopping Campaigns

    When it comes to making a sales presentation, waiting until a potential buyer is on your product page is sometimes too little, too late. Today’s shoppers fluidly transition from one platform to the next. Shopping advertising allow you to reach out to customers on a variety of platforms and devices.

    Artimization’s planned shopping campaigns ensure that your goods are front and centre when your clients search for a product they’re ready to buy. Your strategist can leverage the ad networks like Google and Amazon to get your merchandise in front of millions of potential customers.


    Syndication networks can help you improve your digital marketing strategy. Your messaging can reach potential clients on millions of websites by extending your content to third-party sites.

    By offering visitors a sample of the information you provide, content syndication promotes traffic to your site. You can use third-party site traffic to broaden your reach and visibility in this way.

    With us, you can reach a much broader audience of potential customers

    Optimize Your PPC Campaigns

    PPC visitors are far more likely than organic visitors to come to your site with a business goal. You must have the resources to change and manage your campaigns in a timely manner in order to improve your outcomes.

    With their skills and years of experience, Artimization’s professional PPC managers support your digital advertising initiatives.

    Get in touch with us to book a free consultation or contact us today to learn more about our PPC management services.

    Frequently Asked

    What is PPC advertising?

    Pay-per-click advertising is a paid online advertising approach that allows your company to display ads all over the internet. Your business can be promoted in search results, websites, and even social media platforms. Text, graphics, and even video can be used in PPC adverts.

    Pay-per-click advertising follows a different price approach than traditional advertising. You don’t pay for your ad up ahead; instead, you pay when someone clicks on it. Advertisers refer to pay-per-click advertising as a result of this payment arrangement.

    Do people actually click on PPC advertisements?


    More than 45 percent of page clicks go to ads that appear in search results.

    Even better, consumers who click on advertising are twice as likely to purchase a product or service as people who visit your site without clicking on an ad. You may contact people who are actively searching to buy with PPC ads, which can have an instant influence on your sales results.

    What is a pay-per-click (PPC) ad network?

    An ad network is a platform that allows your adverts to be delivered to users. An example of an ad network is Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords). You’ll utilize an ad network like Google Advertising, Facebook Ads, or Microsoft Advertising to develop PPC ads.

    Why is PPC Important?

    Organic SEO takes months to show results. PPC is a high-value method of presenting your products and services to the right kind of audience at the right time.

    Through PPC management services, your business can reach new heights and get the attention it deserves.

    You can easily grow brand awareness and instantly boost traffic.

    What Types of PPC Management Services does Artimization Offers?

    At Artimization, we help your businesses to gain instant brand visibility and reach your business goals.

    We offer:

    • Paid Text Ads
    • Display Ads
    • Retargeting
    • Shopping Campaigns
    • Syndications

    How does PPC Management Services work?

    PPC stands for pay-per-click marketing, which means that an advertiser pays only when their ad is clicked on. In other words, PPC is a pay-to-play bidding platform that rewards companies who are ready to pay more and/or dedicate more time on their PPC advertisement campaigns with a much better ad placement and ad performance.

    What is the main difference between ad impressions and ad clicks?

    When a person views an ad on a popular search engine or type in any type of relevant search query, it is known as impression.

    Impressions are basically free. But if you want impressions, you might need highly relevant ad experience along with a viable bod for that particular search query.

    What separates an impression from a click is that you must have an ad that sets you apart from your relevant competitors with clear message and should contain all the latest features and ass-ons that will further help in boosting your ad’s real estate.

    There lies what makes pay per click ads more unique and beautiful: you only have to pay once someone interacts with your ads.

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