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Niche SEO helps companies to persistently grab the attention of consumers. You can become a tough competitor by being more visible and presentable.

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Niche SEO is like personally knocking the doors of consumers and providing them information about your brand. Rather than distributing your brand’s message to everyone, why not shortlist most potential consumers of a product or service.

The people who need you should know about you first and that’s what Artimization does.

When you opt for niche-based SEO services, you filter the potential clients among the junk of internet users. It helps focus more on potential consumers and allows you to understand their psyche. You cannot just alter your website; you can also plan your marketing and advertising strategies accordingly.

Niche SEO is a fine process of restructuring the website content, coding and presentational style to make it more vibrant and appealing. It is a rational approach to making a website indulging enough to stop a visitor for a long time.

When a visitor will stay they will know about services and at least 30% of them will make a purchase too.

SEO For Real Estates Business

SEO For Real Estates Business

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SEO For Travel Tours Companies

SEO For Travel Tours Companies

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SEO For Roofing Companies

SEO For Roofing Companies

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SEO For Law Firms and Lawyers

SEO For Law Firms and Lawyers

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SEO For HVAC Contractors

SEO For HVAC Contractors

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SEO For Carpet Cleaners

SEO For Carpet Cleaners

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SEO For Garage Doors

SEO For Garage Doors

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seo for dental care

SEO For Dental Care Services

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one SEO strategy for every business –sounds old fashioned

It is totally a waste of time, money and effort. As every business is different, it is searched on Google with different keywords. The nature of customers is different and so their behaviours. Also the geographical variation of customers also brings a big change. So there is no single formula that can suit all. All businesses should in fact must be promoted as per the needs of their market domain.

When we talk about extremely targeted and filtered audiences we refer to it as niche SEO. No matter what your business is, a layer firm, carpet cleaning, roofing, HVAC maintenance, travel company, real estate or something else. You need adequate and pinpoint services to minimize the distance between you and your customers.

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    Real estate SEO service

    Renting or buying a property involves a lot of investment. When a huge sum of money is involved people become more careful. Why would someone believe you before saying yes to your services?

    Top SEO companies work to be a website on top searches and make a website trustworthy. They understand Google, bing and other search engine algorithms. so they tailor a website accordingly to make a reliable source for real estate services.

    Artimizaton -Best SEO company for real estate services

    Real Estate SEO can be international and local. Some realtors have capacity and resources to deal with international clients. While others are focused on specific geographic locations.

    SEO for both types of real estate services needs to be tailored smartly. Generic keywords are not suitable for both. Artimization company blends long and short tail keywords for international real estate services. Whereas, we work on long-tail high volume keywords for local SEO services. the selection of long-tail keywords is mostly geography-specific.

    Our team works on a well-defined content and website presentation strategy. The information is structured to bring out the best for a location or company.

    It helps our clients have traffic which can convert into your clients. Our link building process is very energetic. We deliberately find links that are popular and considered powerful on Google. This helps to build trust on your website.

    SEO for tour & travel companies

    SEO for tour & travel companies

    Tourism is a very attractive domain of business. People don’t travel with companies that are not fancy and presentable. Obviously, most people travel for enjoyment, why would they go for a boring website?

    When it comes to  SEO services for travel and tourism services, it needs to be very creative. Structured, informative and creative content can increase 45% sales of a tourism website.

    Best travel industry SEO services

    Artimization knows the needs of travel enthusiasts very well. So our SEO services for local and international travel companies are better than the best.

    The content strategy is the core of our excellent services. We do not rely on blogs and website content only. Our expert writers create complete travel guides for every city and country. The more relevant and genuine information is, the more you can grab the attention of customers.

    Along with information we also make your website attractive. By presenting the information lucratively we indulge the visitors. The text is supported by high-resolution pictures. The images add a new life to your website.

    Travel SEO solutions are incomplete without suitable keywords. As the tourism business is diverse and can cater to clients from all over the world. SEO packages for travel companies include strategies to cover local and international searches. You can call our travel SEO services a complete marketing solution.

    We work on long and short tail high-level keywords. Different pages are optimized with a different set of keywords. Our experience of SEO for travel companies is years long. But and Discover are the two recent projects. Check their websites to know how we work.

    We provide backlinks from authentic and popular sites. It helps to optimize your website in less time. Also, google considers your site as a valuable search. When recommendations are asked on Google it includes your website in top searches.

    100% organic traffic and a 25% increase in your sales are our promise to all travel companies.

    SEO services for roofing companies and contractors

    SEO for roofing companies and contractors

    Before we start SEO for roofers we need to understand that most of the clients don’t know much about roofing. Yes, it is true, for most of the customers, types, and materials of roofing are totally new.

    Only bringing a page on Google top searches will not benefit. People will not understand what they need from you and what you do.

    Roofing SEO experts at Artmization

    Roofing contractor marketing SEO closes eight times as many leads as traditional marketing. It is risky for your business to ignore such platforms of earning.

    Roofing SEO pros also include sharing information about types, material, process, and cost. Artimization`s expert roofing SEO covers content strategies very smartly. Our team can create the most informative yet simple content in no time.

    Roofing SEO strategies include deliberate efforts for keyword searches and placement. Along with it we also focus a lot on roofing market trends. Attractive pictorial content also helps customers to book your services.

    Artimization SEO team works to improve both your website and its online reputation. Search engine results pages (SERPs) for keywords related to your services. The higher you rank, the more you earn. Plus quality content helps to convert clicks into customers.

    For art lovers, interior planner and other creative clients UI and UX of your website value a lot. You can have traffic but cannot convince clients if your designs are not presented artistically. Following the minimalist design approach, we make your website modern. Our Roofing SEO strategy is effective today and for the coming ten years. Also, present content in a classy way to impress the audience.

    SEO services for law firms and lawyers

    SEO for law firms and lawyers

    Customers who are looking for a lawyer or a law firm are usually in some legal troubles. Your website should not trouble them more. SEO for legal websites, attorney, lawyer or a legal firm stands on professional and well researched content.

    Even a slightest up & down in your content can misguide your clients and make them say NO your brand.

     Why is SEO for law firms is different?

    A lawyer is expert in legal concerns on one or two specific geographical locations. For instance a lawyer in America is not an expert in dealing with legal concerns in Russia, Middle East or Asia. That’s why search engine strategy for a law firm, attorney or any relative market is different.

    Keywords are the basic and most crucial step of SEO. You cannot rank without having relevant keywords in your content. SEO for law firms by Artimization is ten times more effective as compared to ordinary SEO companies.

    We have experience so we know what is right for a law firm. It makes no sense of ranking a firm on first pages for basic phrases like “attorney” or “law firm.” As there are millions of lawyer or law firm websites and tons of profiles, the process will take a lot of time and money.

    That’s why we work for long-tail keywords which are popularly searched by your specified geographical location. For instance “best law firm in New York downtown” or “top lawyers for domestic violence cases” etc. Now your website will rank top pages without investing thousands of dollars.

    Local SEO techniques like incorporating Google My Business. Through maps and real times reviews we promote your website for clients within your country. Link-building for law firms is not that easy, you can find tons and tons of useless links but high traffic links are hard to reach. Don’t worry Artimization will take care of it.

    SEO services for HVAC contractors

    SEO services for HVAC contractors

    A huge number of HVAC contractors are relying on referrals and print ads. What they don`t know is that 80% of potential customers check their website and reviews online. So you are losing a huge market because of your low Google ranking or no internet presence.

    In the future, 95% of customers will hire an HVAC contractor through the internet. So if you are not investing in SEO services for HVAC companies your business is in danger.

    HVAC SEO campaigns

    Artimization company can craft a strong digital presence of your HVAC company. Our HVAC SEO campaigns include the development and launch of your brand. We make your website reach Google’s top searches and promote your brand on social media.

    Almost 4.6 million online leads related to HVAC services are converted into the business every month. Our goal is to divert the traffic of searches from your location to your website. How does Artimization do it all?

    • Our SEO experts search for high volume Keywords as per the geographic location.
    • Work hard to optimize your website on these keywords
    • Audit your website content and tailor it if required.
    • Conduct information architecture audit
    • Create a Google Analytics account, website traffic analysis, and track traffic and conversion.
    • Install a system to allow web-generated phone calls and track them.
    • Link building and ghost writings, guest posting.
    • Prepare a monthly content strategy for your brand.
    • Provide genuine online reviews
    • Get your business marked on Google through maps.
    • Pattern a strategy to promote your business on social media.
    • Create an online portfolio of your work to attract more clients.
    SEO for Carpet Cleaners and Manufacturers

    SEO for Carpet Cleaners and Manufacturers

    From most lavish homes or hotels to in-budget places, a carpet is a must item. You cannot target the audience on the basis of occupation or economic standard. The potential customer can be from anywhere.  Hospitality business, an office owner or a housewife you have to target all at once.

    As the audience is unfurled so SEO techniques need to move 360-degrees too.

    On the other hand, those who already have carpets need a cleaning service. SEO for carpet cleaners is also not limited to specific market areas. The client can be and must be from various corners of the city. To cater to all these requirements Artimization has the best SEO packages for cleaning of carpet and flooring.

    SEO Services for Carpet Cleaners and Sellers

    For a carpet manufacturer or seller, SEO services recommendations are for international SEO. When it comes to carpet and surface cleaning services local SEO is all you need. They cannot go from country to country for carpet cleaning.  Why promote an American carpet cleaning service in London.

    Artimization works on long-tail keywords for carpet cleaning company SEO. Our preference is to target the audience present within the city or in nearby areas. This strategy works without being heavy on the pockets of carpet cleaning companies.

    Keywords like “High-quality Carpet and Surface Cleaning” or “Affordable Carpet Cleaning in Philadelphia” are a perfect fit. As compared to generic keywords like “carpet” or “carpet cleaning.” Long-tail keywords are searched more by the people who actually need services.

    On the other hand, a carpet seller can manage to export their products in various regions. If they have something lavish like original Iranian or Turkish carpets SEO for the Middle East, Asia, and Europe is more favorable.

    There are hundreds of carpet cleaners in a city. Link building for carpet cleaning requires constant and energetic efforts. Artimization SEO team can help you bring your website on top of Google ranks within a month.

    SEO services for garage door businesses

    SEO for garage door businesses

    Print advertisements are expensive and not very effective in today’s market. The impactful digital presence of a garage door business can increase sales by 70%.

    SEO of your garage door business is an effective strategy to promote your business. The best garage doors SEO and marketing firm can provide business tons of opportunities. It is the first step towards the journey of getting leads and turning them to revenue.

    What Artimization do for garage door repairs and dealers

    The garage door business needs a physical movement of labor and products. So it’s useless to promote a business internationally. Also the generic terms like “garage door” or “door repair” may not be helpful. The people searching for such generic words are usually not in search of services.

    So the ratio of conversion of leads into a client for generic words is very low. Local SEO techniques for garage door business works well. So we prefer to play with long-tail but high-level keywords.

    High-level keywords are those which have high traffic. So long tail high-level keywords is a perfect combo to reach the targeted audience. Most visitors reaching your website will be from your geographical location & nearby cities. So this strategy brings the leads which are interested in your services. Also, you can easily cater to them as they are from your geographic location

    Our next step for garage door repair company SEO is to find site links from reputable authorities. It helps to build trust in your website and business. The site links also play a role in validating the information present on your website.

    Google considers websites linked with reputed authorities as valuable sites. And also add them to valuable searches. Rather than just filling the links we prefer to create suitable content. Content with helpful information can encourage other sites to check out your content. As the content is focused and authentic the sites refer your website on their own site.

    Case Study

    How We Have Achieved 70% Success Rate In Just 2 Months

    Egygamer hired us for 2 months to do SEO and assist with increasing their overall organic traffic and sales.


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    • Best result within 6 months

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    Is niche SEO flexible for businesses that are dealing in multiple fields?

    Yes Niche SEO is flexible to cater to multiple inter-linked fields at a time. For such businesses, we create different pages and optimize each page with different sets of keywords. We pull out keywords from your specified fields and design a strategy to involve them properly in your website content.

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