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Questionnaire form

Before starting a design strategy for logo. We ask couple of questions
with our clients to know what exactly they want. There is list of options which our
client needs to fill and submit details. We focus on their ideas and concept
before going to logo design phase.

We would like you to answer following questions
in order to help us understand about your new logo design.

Feel free to write down details so we understand better about your requirements.


Select anyone logo type based on your preference

Please select a logo type which you like most so our designer will keep in mind while at logo design process.

visa logo

Word marks

apple logo

Iconic symbols

addidas logo

Abstract logo

Mascots logo

Mascots logo

starbucks logo

Emblem logo

words logo

Words and letters


Write your Business Name & Slogan

Please write your full business name which you want to incorporate in design. For example you have business name “Olray Media” so you can either write Olray Media.


Provide us with a brief description about your business

Talk about services/products, customers and target market.


Is there a specific layout you would like to use?

Please note: This is only a guideline, our designers will add their own creative ideas.

logo icon left

Icon on the left

logo icon top

Icon on the top

logo icon right

Icon on the right


Select color theme for your new logo design

Based on your selection, our designer will send you draft along with our proposed color theme combination as well. Because we know how color impact on brand/logo.













Enter custom color code

We would suggest keeping your logo design in 2 colors


Choose the font type that suits your business best

Select the font style to help our team have the idea of initial concept of your logo. Once you select your choice, our team will conventionalize and make it more fashionable to make your design look the way you want.

Corporate fonts

Corporate Fonts

Script Fonts

Script Fonts

Bold Fonts

Bold Fonts


Do any images/ideas which you think we should keep in mind while designing a logo?

Any image or picture you can share with us to support your concept.


Where you will use your new logo design?

Business WebsiteBusiness printed materials (invoices, letterhead, etc)Social networks pages (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc)Email signatureClothing/EmbroideryOther

We encourage you to communicate anything if it’s not mention in logo questionnaire to our designer?

Explain everything in detail about your logo design idea's and concept so our designer
produce a unique logo design for your brand.

We will contact you within one business day.

Bingo! Your Response Has Been Recorded

Thank you for your interest in our products and services. We have received your request and one of our representatives will get in touch with you shortly.

If you need an urgent consultation, please feel to call us on
US: +1 617 275 4776 | PK: +92 334 3791748

Logo Design Process
(A Proper Guide Of Brand Placement)

Artimization logo designers recently apply the logic of logo rebranding to bring a clear message of a company
long term objectives. Have a look to our logo process, its elements and ultimate design.

logo process

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