How To Improve Your Page Ranking For A Keyword

Every website owner’s dream is to rank on the first page of Google because that is where most of the search traffic is concentrated. Now what that means is that if your page doesn’t appear in the top 10 search results for your keyword then it is very likely people won’t find it. It is not easy to rank it so high but it is certainly not impossible. You must learn to master the techniques because it is incredibly important for SEO.

Let’s not keep you waiting any longer, here are the key steps to getting your website on that desired first page of Google.

The Foundation and Framework

Before you start aiming for the top spot on Google searches, you need a firm foundation to compete with other websites. 

The foundation is a combination of a few things, namely an established website and some sort of representation on all the social media networks. 

An established website means you have all you need before starting to compete with other websites. Your website should be authorized and interactive so that a user stays on your website and would want to return to it as well.

Representation on social media is a big plus when it comes to advertising. Having an audience or following that is dedicated from the beginning will boost your website from the get-go.

And lastly, do not expect success right away, you will get there one day. Be patient and do not give up.

Research! Research! Research!

With keywords, the most important thing to do is to thoroughly research your keyword. The best way to do this is through simply searching google and looking for the suggested options that pop up in relation to your keyword. Note these down because this is what most people search for. 

Now to further build on the research, there is an assortment of tools that will both give you the relevant keywords and phrases and also the search volume. These are very handy as they tell you exactly how many people search for those keywords. With this, you will be able to target the keyword you want to aim to get your website ranked in the top 10.

The key is to pick a keyword that doesn’t have the most volume because those keywords are incredibly contested. So, stick to one that isn’t very competitive but still has a good amount of search volume. Furthermore, the keyword should be relevant to your business and site.

Know Your Competition

With any kind of business, you must consider your competition so you can strive to do better. After you’ve picked your keyword, search it up, and look at some of the websites that pop up. Now you have to properly analyze each and everything your competition does well and do it better. 

Pay attention particularly to the different aspects of the websites. The domain and URLs, titles, content (blogs, videos, etc.) all are the first things to look at as they are the first things a website visitor will look at so they need to be easy to read and attractive. Also, check out if your competitors are big-name brands or small companies, and if they have been around for a long time or not.

After finding all the necessary details you need to better the competition in every way possible. You have to do more than your competition and also be different. You should be providing value and make your readers want to come back to your website for more.

Providing Value

You NEED to know what your audience wants when they search up the keyword you’re focusing on. That is why we recommend you use a longer keyword (long-tail keyword) so you can narrow down your searcher’s intent to something more specific.

For example, if a person is looking for a specific jacket for cheap, he/she will not be able to find it by searching for “jacket” on its own. This is where you will come in, you will provide an exact keyword which provides the reader with what they were actually looking for.

In cases like this, there is little competition and you have to be the website that satisfies the searchers’ needs. So, providing value and being specific will help you drive more traffic and get more readers.

Furthermore, employing other SEO strategies to your websites such as meta descriptions and title tags will help you climb the ranks of Google.

How Are You Going to Do It?

Well, we have established that you need a solid website that has an interactive design and an appealing look, but now you need to think about how you want to make the content.

  • Do you want to publish it in the form of an article?
  • Maybe a blog?
  • Possibly a video?

You have a lot of options and you need to think about how you want to go about it. Do you want to blog it yourself, or do you want to outsource? You also need to think about your budget and all the relevant details.

Make Sure Your Work is Optimized

Your keyword is the main focus so you should optimize the content and leverage it at every opportunity but be sure not to do it too much so your blog, article, etc. doesn’t seem redundant.

Promote Your Work

If you aren’t promoting your work then you are losing a large chunk of audience. You need to get your content to as many people as you can, so share your page all across social media. Also, use social media buttons and widgets on your website so your users can share the website with their colleagues and friends with ease. And finally, you should certainly get some links; work with other sites to further increase your SEO, link building is essential when trying to grow your website.

Publish and Review

After you have finally published your website, be sure to put yourself in the searchers’ shoes, and analyze where you are ranking either manually or with a tool. Other tools at your disposal will tell you which keywords you rank for and with the use of these, you’ll be able to find what other keywords you rank for. 

After a while, you will need to come back to your website and check the statistics. If your website isn’t doing too well then you will have to try again from the start. 

Don’t be discouraged as this is all part of the process and will help you get better as you progress further. This was how to do it, so go out and do it.

If you want to get a website Audit or unsure about the implementation of the keyword, contact us directly at [email protected] to speak with experts. 

Haris Siddique

Head of Digital Operation and Business Development at Artimization

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