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Think of your favorite brands. What comes into your mind?

Think about some of the brands you already love and know: Apple, Nike, and Coca Cola.

Why do these brands stand out to you? How would you describe each brand? Why do these brands instantly make a connection in our minds?

Well-executed brand design and strategy trigger a direct, positive response from consumers. Apple, for example, is a company brand that is leading the market with enough force to its name that customers are willing to pay more for their products and features when they can get the same features in an android phone.

What Exactly Is A Brand?

In simple words, branding is a collaboration between a company and individuals to provide services, marketing, and identity.

These collaborations might be out of control of the company like someone gives a bad review to the product that decreases the worth of the brand in the customer’s eye.

The brand coca cola is so powerful that its name is enough for millions of customers to buy their drink. It is not without negative aspects like coca cola drinks are known to be unhealthy right but they are still worth 65 billion.

What Exactly Is A Brand

It can also be an individual like Gordon Ramsey; just his name links us to a grand chef. He is known for his culinary knowledge and fiery temper. He has also made a brand out of his name, having multiple restaurants around the world including London and New York.

This is what brand design agencies provide you with, and besides without a brand and design strategy how will you market or target your audience.

How Brands And Markets Are Changing:

The latest wave of the digital revolution has transformed marketing and communication. Customers are more interactive and vocal about what they need.

The ability of a brand to respond to critics’ can have a profound effect on the way they are perceived.

Let’s take the example of PepsiCo, they learned from customer review that certain drinks sell more in Sydney and some more popular in France. It pays to know your market and this is one of the main focuses of a brand design agency.


Similarly, visual design and associations are essential, like coca colas unmistakable red and white logo and colors, or the unique shape and design of the original bottles are known by everyone.

Can Be A Challenge:

As important as branding is to your business it can be a challenge, but with proper study and technique it can be executed.

First, you need to understand what your brand is and what its purpose is. This means knowing everything from start to finish and communicating it with the agency you are working with.

Knowing exactly what your brand stands for is just the start. Having a clear vision of your brand will strengthen your business.

Apple was able to transform from a computer manufacturer to a media giant because of a good market strategy and great products. They knew what their customers wanted and communicated their desires to their products which resulted in a revolutionary brand.

Apple was resolutely customer-focused and had great branding and responsive behavior allowed them to build the right kinds of connections with the customers.

What Brand Agencies Offer To New Businesses

Branding design agency creates and launches brands. They look into the companies profile and create its identity; they also plan and manage their strategy. They support with customer interaction and advertising as well.

Many confuse a brand design agency with an advertising agency but their scopes are different. Brand design agencies services are of a wider scope. Also before marketing or advertising, you need to create a brand. What would you market without it?

A branding agency allows companies to gain competitive advantage, what lies at the heart of the company, define a brands communication strategy, vision, value, and to reach the target market and expand it.

Suppose you only have a big idea and you need to go on from there. Then a brand design agency is your answer. They will develop your brand from start to finish. Let’s take IKEA; their idea was that good furniture is for everyone, not just for the top 10 percent. Taking this vision they built a brand that was able to target all kinds of audiences. In recent years they have launched advertisements having parties in IKEA homes, gatherings where customers appeared on the front cover of their very own IKEA catalog and so much more. This created ownership in the customers. Every great brand starts with big visions and brand design agencies bring them to life.

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