Covid19 Impact - Companies are Turning Towards Digital Marketing

In the recent Coronavirus outbreak, we are witnessing businesses are becoming more dependent on their digital strategy than ever. And in most of the situations, their digital approach will be the actual decider that how will they come out through these difficult times. 

These days a large number of companies are reducing all face-to-face encounters with all the necessary arrangements that must improve their digital strategy. Digital marketing is the key to retaliate against ongoing incidents to decrease economic loss.

Big organizations, such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund have stated already that they abandon all one-to-one encounters and companies in the private sector are supposed to follow. 

Some statistics issued by data intelligence company PredictHQ that reveal that solely in February, the outbreak of the coronavirus directed to a 500% abandonment and delays of important events. 

The company stated that more than 225 high influence events were dropped in February and the several of events canceled in March. The total loss of cancelations is calculated in billions of dollars. 

According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research. conducted in 2018 that Business to Business marketers who take part in industry events allotted approximately 40% of their funds to exhibitions and industry programs, which is five times greater than the 8% used in online marketing.

If only a little amount of the events’ funds is given to online marketing, it would turn into a huge development in web marketing.

As we can see, Digital Marketing is the obvious conqueror here, and companies that may not consider Facebook page earlier will want to jump into social marketing, content marketing, SEO and influencer-led campaigns. Facebook Marketing can play a vital role. the main benefit of it other than the truth that nobody obliges to do face-to-face communication. Marketers can efficiently maintain a good image of their spending return on investment (ROI), for which they can make a tremendous amount of quality leads. For that, you need to have a close look at Facebook Statistics first. 

Ratnesh Singh, head of global business at the events technology agency Buzznation stated:

“Clients are turning to Facebook or LinkedIn Live. Often these are platforms they have dabbled with in the past but never fully integrated into their marketing strategy. Now they see value in partnering with companies like us that know how to help them make the most of these channels, to achieve better production values and more targeted campaigns.”

Marketing officials usually complain about the lack of time to manage their websites. Well, this is high time to visit the corporate site and be certain about the good presentation of your company. 

This is also a good opportunity to reset aims for your marketing strategies. A close analysis will surely give you the indication that where marketing strategy needs to be strengthened or refresh. And it will let you balance the irregularity of these unexpected days and will provide you an aggressive point over opponents who are hesitant to respond. 

Expectedly, the whole disaster will come to an end soon, but strengthening your online marketing tactics will reduce uncertainty and improve your overall situation.

Haris Siddique

Head of Digital Operation and Business Development at Artimization

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