Which is The Best E commerce Platforms (mark a Prolonged & Reputed Online Presence in 2021)

If you are a newbie to the business world or expanding your current business, then you need to have a suitable and profitable strategy.

The next step for a business is to have online store to start e-commerce business. You can achieve your goal by taking help through effective e-commerce platforms of 2021. There are numbers of e-commerce platforms available in the market, you need to select the best one according to your requirement.

But the question is, Which is the best e commerce platform? Don’t worry, we have a list of some amazing and the best e-commerce platforms that require less technical skills, and provide many effective tools through which not only you can create a brand but also can expand your sales.

What skills e-commerce platforms involve to operate and how it works?

If we talk about your technical skills, it depends on what you choose, and you might go for hosted or self-hosted e-commerce shopping cart software.

Hosted software is a category where a business expands and hosts the web-shop. It is more comprehensible and requires a reduced amount of time and IT skills.

Whereas, Self-hosted platforms, in sequence, are intended for more tech-knowledge businesses, and demand more association along with technical skills.

Another foremost reflection is how much effort one can invest in its e-commerce platform. Few platforms appear with different themes and apps to formulate the work of website structure and administration minimum.

Others promote from a little amount of coding and website construction acquaintance. The ones who are contented with that supplementary work will acquire more customized practices from the e-commerce platform.

Does an e-commerce platform demand heavy pockets?

Budget is an essential factor that scratches the coupon of fortune to establish a business.

Different platforms offer different facilities and so the prices are distinguished. Selecting an appropriate platform for business is not enough to spin the revenue-generating cycle, making a match with your budget matter more.

A lot of scores of the platforms proffer different ranks of pricing sequentially to accommodate an extensive assortment of e-commerce businesses. Few even offer complimentary versions!

Conversely, minor cost often indicates a smaller number of special attributes and appends. Brands with very definite needs may come across that it needs to pay a little more to assure that they catch all the characteristics which a brand requires to create an outstanding online business.

To aid you with this puzzling decision, here we’re putting side by side the best e-commerce platforms for initiators and other businesses in 2021 and ahead of.

After evaluating some of the top e-commerce platforms, we will pin down convinced platforms excel in requisites of cost, themes, relieve of use and other important features.

Which eCommerce platform is best for small businesses?

Best E-commerce platforms to accelerate online business management process

Shopify banner

Which is the best platform to build an eCommerce site?


If you are a newbie or marking margins of business on a small scale, then this is the most suitable platform for you.

In the company of approximately 500,000 active online stores, Shopify is considered one of the biggest e-commerce platforms for marketing, around the world.

The attribute it offers is an extremely accessible edge that demands no particular technical tricks or skills from its possessor to establish outstandingly customized online stores.

Shopify outfits to businesses that are just about to hatch from the egg; on the other side it is beneficial for large e-commerce brands, generating millions.

Nowadays, almost all business persons are incorporating tools of Shopify, to take leads in the online market.

The uniqueness of the platform facilitates ease and consumes fewer efforts as well as the profusion of attributes crafts it as an ideal solution for the person planning to get into the e-commerce competition.


Why Shopify Is a concern as the best eCommerce platform?

Because it has plenty of facilities to offer!

  • In Shopify you do not need to worry about your extra hidden skills, Shopify owns a database of professionals who help and assist possessors in designing a web-store.
  • Also, there are hundreds of themes that you can select for your online store (which you think suits the most for your business)
  • Along all of these facilities, there’s even a space of more than 1200 apps that you can add to your store. You can select from more than 1,200 apps to add to your store. Plus, Shopify has a database of experts who can help you in designing your web-store, and it offers 24/7 customer support.
  • Into the bargain, Shopify not even charges for transaction fees, Also, it offers scam scrutiny plus inclusive SEO packages too.

Cost range

Shopify offers three price plans:

  • Basic Shopify – £22.18 per month
  • Shopify – £60.42 per month
  • Advanced Shopify – £228.68 per month

Conversely, Shopify bounds its users in terms of charges, and an extra fee will be charged if you refuse to use their in-house payment gateway (Shopify Payments).

Also, Shopify draws on its own coding language named “Liquid,” which could be tough to modify.

But still, the minimally assembled, commanding platform allocates its users and e-commerce businesses to pay attention to creating innovative hand-drawn blueprints as a substitute for the flipside office problems or work that can swamp down the creative progression.

BigCommerce banner


The most amazing obsession of BigCommerce is, it caters both, small and large businesses. All can equally take advantage of its features.

The outstanding platform offers an all-embracing set of e-commerce implements to support business persons in establishing an out-class online presence through a well-built webshop.

Also, it marks 24-hours of support and a puddle of endorsed proficient which you can even hire in sequence to assist you in adding more effective elements in your online store.


Although, all of the e-commerce platforms almost perform the same functions and offer a variety of e-commerce tools with BigCommerce your brand may be prominent due to the facility of distinctions in themes and design.

  • BigCommerce makes it convenient to associate and run your store by means of a visual store designer.
  • You can even upload an infinite amount of products and can also customize your website via one of the Big commerce’ 80 diverse themes, or by control the source code.
  • Additional characteristics include 24-hour customer support, multi-coated defense, promotional tools, delivery logistics, cloud-hosting, conversion optimization devices.
  • Incorporations with an extensive range of third-party functions, including nearly all key payment gateways, at zero additional cost.

Which platform is best for selling? Is Amazon is best?

Through BigCommerce, you can vend on Amazon and eBay too. On top, you may object B2B and comprehensive audiences as well.

Cost Range

Keep in mind that the majority of BigCommerce’s themes are traded independently.

Pricing varies from $29.95 per month (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction fee) to $249.95 per month (2.2% + $0.30 per transaction fee).

wix banner

Wix eCommerce

Running a small business? Then Wix E-commerce should be your first priority among all of the platforms!

Small businesses, in the midst of below 50 product-categories mostly opt for Wix E-commerce.

This platform is very undemanding and easy to bring into play; all you need to do is to pull-and-plunge content on your online store’s facade.

The striking themes and specific imaging expertise of Wix E-commerce consent you to put up attention-grabbing web-store straightforwardly, without demanding for professional tech expertise.


  • Apparently, Wix has launched an exclusive Wix code which permits and help people in building websites, those who have zero knowledge and experience of coding do not have to run after the developers, you can work on your own now.
  • Wix is more comfort than a platform; it offers a huge number of free themes and templates that one can use to establish an e-commerce store.
  • In addition, it also has an attribute of ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), a feature that constructs a site for people through its Wix AI program.

Cost Range

Wix is one of the very affordable and reasonable platforms.

The baseline graph is only $5/month. Even the priciest graph cost only $25/month.

Obviously, with this little price and high relieve of use comes a cost.

Wix might not be going to comprise the bells and screeches that fancier platform’s show-offs, but it will definitely be able to cater to the requirements of many small businesses searching for the best e-commerce platform.

Squarespace banner


Squarespace offers classy yet refined online stores for small businesses with undemanding e-commerce requirements.

If your company requires a sophisticated e-commerce presence with no incorporation of payroll, secretarial, and other business executive software.

Also, if it requires appealing store themes then bookmark Squarespace in your e-commerce platform list.


If your product offerings are just limited, Squarespace offers all types of functionalities that your business may need.

First and foremost, it is recognized as a website builder.

  • Squarespace’s e-commerce platform permits you to administer customers, delivery, and catalog. Also, sell payments, and recuperate discarded shopping carts.
  • Offers full-time customer support, vigorous sales management, free cloud-hosting, and other effective marketing tools.
  • Squarespace is a feasible choice for business persons if you are looking for a reasonable platform.
  • Squarespace also suggests account management, limitless product uploads, vouchers, email inventory management, and a lot more.

Cost range

Squarespace exerts with Stripe as their expense gateway, which marks their operation fee at 2.9% + $0.30.

So, the prices fluctuate from $26 per month for the fundamental Squarespace plan to $40 per month for the complex plan.

Volusion banner


Volusion presently doles out more than 180,000 business owners. Volusion is being preferred by many these days. It helps in integrating the sales process into many other phases of business. Volusion has a lot of effective tools and functions to offer its consumers.


  • It offers a fantastic opportunity to make a sale on Amazon and eBay. Also, it provides comprehensive SEO pricing including social media management.
  • On top, the platform affords valuable opinion to business possessors, together with discarded shopping-cart details along with a complete matching set of coverage tools.
  • Volusion also provides sales methodical, all-time customer support, shipping logistics, customer and account management, and incorporation with main e-commerce markets.
  • Besides all of the valuable facilities, Volusion offers an assortment of themes, in which 11 of them chare zero cost.

Cost Range

Volusion is another platform that falls in the list of easy to use e-commerce platform.

Volusion will not charge you like a good deal in monthly fees as Shopify or BigCommerce does.

Nonetheless, the minor-cost plans bound the number of products that you can upload, also limits the monthly bandwidth, which means you possibly will be charged an additional to generate traffic.

The pricing fluctuates from $15 per month to $135 per month with a 2.15% fee for each transaction.

Note down that Volusion solitary performs with PayPal and Stripe for payment dispensation.

Magento banner


Magento is perfect for enterprise businesses. The businesses that require the best functionality, business tools, and security, must opt for Magento.

If you want to integrate your web-shop with highly technical systems like ERPs or CRMs, then Magento is a platform that falls in the category of excellence for your business.

The outstanding reliability and scalability are already impressing proprietors due to which Magento is a part of many enterprise businesses these days.


  • Through asset of being open source for everyone, Magento offers users with infinite customization options.
  • Also, it is quite trouble-free to exploit and can be controlled with no trouble.
  • Magento provides a high rank of scalability due to its capacity of 9000 extensions and plug-ins.
  • You can access several social media extensions at a time. Moreover, there is a widespread resource library constant to new plug-ins, demos, store administration, and other cooperative choices.
  • Among all of the positive functionalities, the support for numerous languages and diverse currencies, supervision for more than one store and custom modules is considered as the key element.

Cost Range

The fundamental version of Magento is available for free of cost, but the advanced version will cost you yearly.

Conversely, you can conquer this by receiving the Community edition that permits online sellers to enjoy the profusion of characteristics without paying any single penny.

PrestaShop banner


PrestaShop is an incredible addition to the list of most well-liked e-commerce platforms, and for good reasons.

The spontaneous admin panel joined with its alleviating of use makes PrestaShop a top preferred among all online retailers around the globe.


  • Through this platform, entrepreneurs can verify the level of technical control they desire to put forth over their website and opt between moreover a fully-hosted or a self-hosted option.
  • You can also select from between thousands of templates and modules to put into the site’s foundation serviceability.
  • PrestaShop even permits for cross-selling and one-page explore to its users.

Cost Range

You might don’t believe, but the most surprising thing about the PrestaShop is, both of its editions can be availed by retailers free of cost.

Opencart banner


Opencart is an ideal source of income for small businesses and being chosen frequently by many entrepreneurs to build an online store.

It offers amazing tools and technical functionalities that even help in boosting sales and establishing attractive web-shop.


  • The most considerable part about OpenCart is its extensions, which are principally destined for e-commerce, counting payment gateways, shipping processes, reports, and product reviews.
  • Pooled with powerful code entrée, OpenCart allows users to customize their web-shop or to shape into any way they want to portray it.
  • Users will be offered a drape of the plain dashboard just after a few tries; also, the platform sustains frequent currencies and languages.
  • Plus, OpenCart also lets you run multiple stores from a solitary admin, along with functional backup and restore attributes.
  • You can also insert filters to conduct potential customers, and draw on the guest explore and shipping calculator to formulate transactions conveniently.

Cost Range

Bearing in mind how most of the e-commerce site designers and platforms are switching to compensated payments, it’s great to have something demanding at no cost.

Yes, you heard right!

You do not have to pay for anything to download or use OpenCart, and the unlock source platform performs great for small businesses that desire to keep their operational costs to the least amount yet quite a few customization choices at their clearance.

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