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Characterizing brands through 2D animation is one of the impressive services our artistic animators offer.

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Be it cartoon animations to business 2D animations, associations are widely drumming this efficient method of advertising and communicating. 2D animation is catching tremendously admired elevation to its adaptability, immeasurable attains, and commercialize. In this of time of era, almost every other company is using animation as a marketing tool to spin the wheel of productivity more efficiently. Artimization, a leading 2D animation company is proudly serving clients from different countries around the world, for instance, Australia, France, Malaysia and more established countries of the world. Animators at Artimization use different animation tools and techniques such as onion skinning, morphing, interposed rot-scoping, and other workable modes to form spectacular animations for your brands.

Artimization is not only counting in the topmost digital agencies but also, we are known for our creative and artistic 2D animations. The highly experienced animators of our agency offer companies the interactive and inventive loom in crafting the 2D animation and motion pictures while fulfilling the deadlines commitment loyally at quite cheap prices.

Styles of 2D Animation Services that Artimization offers

2d animation is basically a category of cinematic digital moving pictures which our team shapes into the 2-dimensional framework to give the illustrated painting art a digital layout. Our professional team of animators and illustration artists brings in to play the modern graphics tools, techniques, and technologies in sequence to build and create the exclusive yet attention-grabbing visual presentation. WOW-HOW 2D animation company deliberative approaches. We give our professionals the opportunities for further training courses, and they are always in progress.

Motion Graphics Service

Word ‘Animation’ may sound unprofessional to you. But, do you know the majority of the companies are using 2D animation as a tool to leave a durable impression and to take place in the long term memory of their customers. This is a kind of animation which companies require to make their business logo more fascinated or sometimes to deliver their message effectively through text animation.

Our professional animators are expert in creating impressive yet explanatory corporative 2D animations. Whether you want to introduce your services or product or you want to grab the attention of your customers our team works wisely to hit your audience in the most effective way.

3D animation Service

To manipulate 3D characters or objects our animators use 3D software and tools to export picture sequences and to give them the fantasy of animation. Though, this is totally based on the technical manipulation of the objects by our animation technicians. In this video production mainly four levels are involved characterization, layout and animation and rendering.

Stop motion

Stop Motion Animation is a technique our animators use to bring motionless objects to life on screen for our clients. It could be just a series of still photographs of your brand or other events to which the professionals of Artimization move in sequence, frame by frame to replicate movement while keeping the message clear.

2D Vector-based animation

In 2D animation, our animators focus on building or creating characters through illustrator, also, work on the storyboard to transform their imaginative characters into two-dimensional environments. In this type of animated videos, the characters or figures can show up their movement in the directions of up and down or right to left.

Whiteboard animation Service

Whiteboard animation styling has been used to create product samples, performer videos, educating customers regarding a particular product, and many other different kinds of visuals. A video in which a particular character, text or any other object makes its appearance itself. Our whiteboard animators are famous for creating highly interactive videos for different countries around the world.

How we precede the steps Of Our Service

Artimization have a team of experts who are master in creating characters and twisting plot for 2D animation, our animators are experienced with all of the pre-production steps such as conceptualizing the idea, crafting, storyboarding, animating, and editing accordingly. It takes us approximately 3 to 5 absolute working days to complete the task, sometimes the timeline could vary due to fanatical research or perfecting the character from each horizon, the timeline actually depends upon the requirements of our clients, but our animators and character illustrator work passionately to deliver the best to you.

Here are some of the important steps that involve in our creation of 2D or 3D animation. Just have a little glance to get your satisfaction level up to the mark.

Creating Character/ Script

When clients come up with their projects and its objectives, the animators of our team initially start sketching verbal details of the characters or in other case give a proper outline to the proposed idea or our clients, to make a perfect sequence for the video. On the basis of script and concept of our client’s prerequisites, once we get approval on building the basic sketch of characters or scripting the story, then we move towards the detailing process.

Conceptualizing Character/Story

This is the most important step of creating 2D animation which is often called storyboarding in technical terms, in this crucial step our smart and creative cartoonists work on enhancing and giving the details to the characters or it could be adding the perks of valuable concepts in the story. Our team provides an inclusive collection of design based on the conceptualization of our client’s proposal. In detailing our cartoonist proffer suitable colors, silhouette, texture and other obligatory details to produce depth and dynamism in the idea.

Video Production Services

This is the last and kind of insightful step of the process. After accomplishing the two levels we move to the actual video animation or you can say video production of the selected script or character. In this essential step, the creative animators of our agency keenly work on creating the animated video. Formerly when our animators are done with the proper animated execution, the video then forwarded to our animation experts for the final evaluation and right after receiving the approval from experts; get ready to break the walls of the industry.

Artimization aims to work with agencies, companies or small-and medium-size enterprises for their advertisement or presentation needs. Currently, we have been working with many agencies and companies around the globe especially in USA, UK and UAE using digital modes of joint-adventure.

Artimization has vast experience of serving dedicatedly in following fields:

  • Screencast Video
  • Cartoon Style
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D & 2D Animation

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