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If you are looking for Chicago SEO services that will take you to the next level, look no further. Artimization can create and implement expert SEO campaigns.

SEO is an organic search
which pays the bills

At Artimization SEO experts are not limited to increase traffic on a website. Our team has high standards and strive to deliver more than ordinary SEO services for Chicago businesses. Years-long experience of our team has enabled us to promise a significant rise in sales as well.

Our strategies are well-organized and revolved n 360degrees to cover every aspect of Chicago SEO. The professionals working in Artimization are know how to beat the market competition.

We work enthusiastically to generate results. From website auditing to giving it a new face, we are here to help you out.

To make our services worthy for Chicago businesses we focus on lead generation. Our services are beneficial for all sized businesses.  No matter you are planning to start a small business or already have a popular brand, our SEO services are best for you.

Chicago SEO Services

Why You Need an Expert SEO Agency Like Artimization?

Your competitors are on the first page of Google because of SEO services. As you cannot be seen on Google when a customer searches a high volume keyword, your customers are going for other options.

“People See People Buy”

SEO marketing is the simplest but effective way to spread your brand message and add value to your brand. SEO helps you reach top ranks on Google and other search engines. It is beneficial to add credibility to your brand and allow visitors to trust you.

You can accelerate your sales up to 50% through expert SEO services by Artimization Company. Moreover, your new or unpopular brand can get due attention to customers through local SEO in Chicago.

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    Search Engine Optimization Done Right for Chicago

    Artimization strengths lies in their ideology of giving Comprehensive SEO service,  Not chunks, and Pieces.

    Other companies only give services to rank your website on Google, SEO is not just that. Your overall website and business presentation need to be attractive. Otherwise, you can get traffic but not revenue. The visitor will not stay much on your website and not get convinced which means no conversion.

    1) Website Auditing

    Our SEO service includes website audition, we initially explain what your website is lacking. Some technical aspects need to be catered properly. The coding errors, hosting issues, speed of the website and many other things affect the functionality. They make the visitor divert to other websites.

    UI and UX of your website play a vital role to convince a visitor to stay and explore your business messages. Moreover, the content quality, typo errors, poor images, and content placement also ruin your brand image.

    Chicago consumers do not consider the website credible if the content quality is poor. 43% of Chicago buyers quickly shift to other websites if they do not get the information they want in the first 15 seconds.

    Website auditing presents a clear picture of your website. It helps you understand how you can satisfy a customer through your website.   Whether your SEO campaign is local or national, a wide range of activities is needed to produce the best results. We cover all of the bases, not just one or two. This is what makes us a truly full-service SEO company in Chicago.

    2) Content Strategy

    “Content isn`t the king, it`s the kingdom”

    Content is something in the form of text, video, picture, infographics, etc. that adds value to the viewer`s life. Without a proper strategy, content is just stuffing of words and images. Do not you think the internet already have a lot of stuff.

    “Quality content is one that completely explains the brand`s ideology, helps visitors to get relevant information, have no errors or manipulation, and strong enough to convince customers to make a sale.”

    Chicago is a marketplace where the consumer is well aware of the fact that there is always a better substitute. The chances of losing a customer are 20 times higher than getting a new customer. In such an environment if your website is not having quality content, you can imagine a decreasing image in the market.

    Keen attention to content generation, timely postings, and its placement is mandatory to mark a positive image of your brand. On the other hand people, Chicago consumers love to check social media pages and publications about the brand before buying something. So along with your website your Quora, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter also need material to communicate with the audience.

    Artimization SEO for Chicago is efficient in their work. Quality content is their forte and they know how to impress the audience. We can rejuvenate your website by setting high-resolution pictures and videos. Our keyword strategy is strong enough to bring your website on top searches. Moreover, the informative content presented lucratively will convince your customers as well.

    Through content, we thrive to build a strong and memorable brand image. With our design skills, we give your website a new life. Through information, we try to make your website useful for potential customers. With the proper use of high volume and low volume keywords, we bring your website on top ranks for any search engine.

    3) Link Building

    SEO is incomplete without link building. Your online marketing will get a boost if you are endorsed by other popular websites. Chicago SEO and marketing services by Artimization also include a strong link building strategy.

    We apply traditional techniques of link building for SEO but do not limit our services here. Our team will help you for guest posting, and publications as well. We are in-link with popular websites from every business genre.

    Our writing and marketing team works together to publish your InsiderLyfe, EntreprenuereMindz, Vizaca, ThriveGlobal, Forbes, HuffingtonPost, Times, etc. It helps your brand get worldwide popularity within a few days.

    We can also help you with external links on high volume websites and magazines to bring relevant traffic to your website.

    4) Validated Sales Leads, Not Perplexing Data

    The biggest difference in our services as compared to other Chicago SEO companies is our exceptional system of lead validation. Instead of reporting clients on “conversions”, typically which include leads, spam, misdials and other non-lead data? We identify and only report about true sales leads in real-time.

    It helps you calculate the exact ROI on your SEO investment. It also enables you to review and analyze leads while they are piping hot. We also help you evaluate your campaign with the utmost accuracy.

    One of our clients, EGY said:

    “Being in a highly specialized niche, my team never thought SEO would help us generate leads, and we are now happy to report that Artimization proved us wrong!”

    The lead generation helps improve yearly revenue and also marks a positive brand image in the commercial market. Through our specialized SEO services for Chicago, you can beat your competition and rule the market in just six months.

    5) Incomparable Transparency

    Why a client should wait for a month or two to check the results? If you are paying for SEO services, it is your right to ask the hired company about the results.

    Artimization`s work ideology says the best SEO client is a well-informed and like communication. So we inform about every step of the SEO process to our clients. It allows them to understand how SEO will help their business and how far we can go to the market of your brand.

    Our team reports the progress of work every week even if the client has not asked for it. This communication assists us to understand what you are expecting. It also lets you give your input and discuss your queries. Your feedback improves the efficiency of our services and allows us to serve you more competently.

    On the other hand, we build a strong business connection with our clients. It helps both parties to learn, grow and expand businesses.

    6) Mobile Optimization

    There are more than 4.68 billion mobile users in the world. Chicago State has almost 2.7 million mobile users who regularly use mobile phones to order different products.

    The nature of the Chicago market has turned out to be more tilted towards mobile users. The consumers are looking for everything online. From a pin to a truck they prefer to check the website of the brand, their reviews, and other details.

    In case your website is not mobile-friendly, your business is missing the center of the Chicago commercial market. You are deliberately losing potential customers as you are not reaching their requirements.

    While understanding the commercial framework of today’s era, Artimization has a strong team of developers. They can make your website mobile-friendly, fast and responsive.

    For local SEO campaigns as well as most national/global campaigns a mobile-friendly website is like a queen. Consider the fact that Google has stated 50% of local searches have local intent.  Secondly, mobile Internet access now goes beyond desktop access, and the breach is widening.

    Lastly, Google has updated its search algorithm to reward mobile-friendly Web pages.

    Artmization production pipeline is full of Website and application design and development projects. Along with making your website mobile-friendly, we can also connect your website to your application.

    Case Study

    How We Have Achieved 70% Success Rate In Just 2 Months

    Egygamer hired us for 2 months to do SEO and assist with increasing their overall organic traffic and sales.


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    Chicago SEO

    Pricing & packages.

    Find SEO pricing & packages that increase your website
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    Standard SEO

    Silver Package

    Per Month
    • 10 Keywords Primary + Secondary
    • Limited article submission
    • 3 Blog Posting (500 Words)
    • Monthly SEO & Activity Reports
    • Best result within 9 months
    Advanced SEO

    Gold Package

    Per Month
    • 25 Keywords Primary + Secondary
    • 3 Articles (500 Words)
    • 7 Blog Posting (500 Words)
    • Monthly SEO & Activity Reports
    • Best result within 6 months
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    Platinum Package

    Per Month
    • 50 Keywords Primary + Secondary
    • 7 Articles (500 Words)
    • 15 (500 words)
    • Weekly SEO & Activity Reports
    • Best result within 6 months

    Chicago SEO

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    What is Local Search Engine Optimization for Chicago, Houston, Newyork, and New Orleans?

    Local SEO for Chicago, Houston, New york, and New Orleans and other countries is an extremely effective method to market your local business on the internet. On one hand, it helps to promote products, services, and brands to local patrons at the exact time they are looking for them online.

    This is accomplished through multiple techniques, some of which are totally different from standard SEO. Local SEO for Chicago is more centric as it targets maps, pin locations, reviews, local publications, keywords with geographical specifications, etc.

    It works faster and is cost-efficient too.

    What is Google My Business Page?

    Google My Business is a tool offered free by Google that helps all sized businesses create and manage their Google listings. Big businesses have several platforms to grab the attention of customers.  But small businesses and entrepreneurs cannot invest much on TV commercials or PPC and other options. My Business helps such businesses to be on Google search or maps when a customer is looking for relative genera of product or business. It also helps businesses build interest in new customers for their brand.

    Why do I need Google My Business Page for SEO?

    Google Algorithm considers verified businesses twice more reputed. Verification also works as a security barrier from cheating. It protects your business identity from anyone disguising as a representative of your business. Once you are verified you or anyone else won’t be able to edit or change the business information that appears on Google products.

    • Through Google My Business you can
    • Manage your information
    • Interact with customers
    • Impress new buyers through reviews
    • Understand and expand your presence

    Will SEO cover Social Media as well?

    No Social Media Management is an entirely different segment. However, you can also hire Artimization to manage your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora or other social media pages.

    Social Media presence help to provide authority to your brand but SEO services can work well without it as well for Chicago customers.

    Can you help me design and develop an application for my business?

    Yes! Artimization Company has a professional team of website and application developers. Our team can cater to all the development niches of our clients. The skilled team has completed mega projects in the past as well which are mentioned in our portfolio.

    Artimization is known for its creativity and visionary designs. Our design portfolio is strong and we have successfully completed several small and big design projects. Our specialized team will stand with you at every step of our business journey. State-of-art designs from our team can make your brand

    feature logos

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