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Let us help you in earning organic traffic for your website with the best industry practices.

You own a website but never get a client?

Is your website difficult to find in Dubai?

Getting traffic to the website but not serious buyers from Dubai?

I launched a website but not sure where to start earning money?

Keywords are ranked but not coming under the top 3 searches.

My website speed optimization is not good! What should I do?

My visitors are not converting in Customers.

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Leading Seo Agency in Dubai

Artimization is exceptionally leading all around UAE as a renowned digital agency. We know how to rank and increase the online visibility of brands through search engine optimization. Our SEO Dubai Consultant will walk you through about our detailed plan and process that makes every easy for you as a business owner.

Artimization is exceptionally leading all around UAE as a renowned digital agency. Below are 5 key measures we take into account before setup the best SEO campaign for you.

Commitment icon

Realistic Commitment

We promise you what we can deliver. No fake promises or miscommitment. Being a professional SEO agency Dubai. We will analyze everything about your business first and then after only gives our feedback. Let’s be realistic in business.

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Detailed Reporting

As said earlier, We believe in statistics and we mean it. A detailed reporting on your SEO performance will be shared with you on a weekly or monthly basis. We will list down all possible options along with improvements once you are onboard with us.

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Keyword Planning

Our Team will conduct research about potential keywords that can drive traffic and increase your online sales. Keyword planning is a key part of SEO because if you pick the wrong keyword then it will spoil your return on investment. We make sure you get the right keyword to target.

Local Search Engagement icon

Local Search Engagement

Our team will pin down everything to assist you with Local search. We will cover locations to get you visible in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi & many more. User engagement is key because Google will rank those websites that have better content and services.

Local Search Existence icon

Your Local Search Existence

This increases your local listing, reviews from your local area and your google map listings. We will cover everything it takes to get you in Local search. Google is deploying a new algorithm that enables business rank quicker in a local listing which is highly rated by local people.

Why do you need to hire SEO company Dubai
It’s because SEO requires a perfect plan & execution

People go for SEO because they know its worth it. Nobody has millions of dollars to generate
business overnight through PPC

Google keeps changing its algorithm, Sometimes they ask you to change web layout, website speed, linking building, authority links, user engagement, User interface and much more. You will need to prepare for everything so that is why people hire companies who are best in business like Artimization.

Best ROI With Dubai SEO

Investment is SEO can give you upto 5x higher conversion in the long term.

Business Opportunities

We are reputable SEO company in Dubai and have a team of researchers and analysts who can help you find the best opportunities to target your website.

SEO is all about NUMBERS

We believe in numbers (Traffic + Leads = Revenue) & We love to find it for you.

Get Your Free SEO Audit Report

SEO Audit is important before you launch or hire any SEO agency in Dubai. Because it’s like an XRAY of your current website health.

    Did You Know?

    There were 9.73 million internet users
    in the United Arab Emirates in January 2020.

    As per the data, The number of internet users in the United Arab Emirates increased by 128 thousand (+1.3%) between 2019 and 2020.
    That means there is plenty of opportunities where you can earn business through the right SEO targeting.



    $ 152k

    Clients Sales Transaction

    $ 962k

    Ecommerce Transactions


    Qualified Calls Generated

    Dubai Fact!

    In 2021, 50% of the internet users will use VOICE-BASED searches to find product & services

    It means, there will be fewer typing searches and more voice command searches. So, If you are planning SEO now consider this important element in your traffic generation campaign.

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    Take Experts onboard and hack your Customer’s Mind

    Being loud and clear among your audience is crucial, just don’t let your wrong decision take away this opportunity from you. The more visible you will be, the more leads you will generate!  There are many brands that are undoubtedly leading within their niche or relative industry yet, they are still unable to sustain their position virtually. Talk to Artimization Dubai SEO specialist today and get a free SEO Audit!

    Being on top of within your industry

    Being on top of your customer’s mind is necessary. Though, to take over your customers’ mind it is crucial to be loud enough with your offered services or products. Our SEO services have it all to rank you on top google Dubai searches and we did this in the past as well. For example, if you are selling furniture products then we can rank you with those keywords that has potential traffic from Dubai or 

    Increase your online customers

    Ranking a website with keywords is not what business needed. You need to be ranked with those keywords which have intentional buying behavior. Let’s assume, if you are selling furniture and your website is ranked with the keyword “furniture” on google Dubai. Then it’s not going to give you a potential buyer because a user’s intention can be different. He/she may think about reading furniture or could possibly search to gain information or knowledge. 

    But on the other case, If your website is ranked well on Google dubai with the keyword “Buy best quality furniture” then we can say that a user is looking for a website which offers quality furniture and ultimately there is 80% possibility that he or she will make a purchase through the internet.

    SEO increases Brand Value

    When your website becomes visible in your targeted location then Google will start giving you important and authority to your content and images. It will be showing faster whenever you update a new page or post on your website. Google has many algorithms to identify the website credibility which includes domain authority (DA), user behavior once they visit your website, your product and service reviews and purchase behavior of a visitor. 

    Artimization SEO team is well trained and experienced to uplift your brand value in the local and global levels. We have connections in every part of the world through our collaboration and we can get you rank well through our in-house resources.

    Blog Content Optimization

    Blogging is one of the best ways to attract quality readership and increase your website worth to Google. As an SEO agency in Dubai, Our team of writers are highly experienced and generated more than 100 thousand words of content till yet and its counting. Writing a blog means capturing reader attention towards your product or service. But optimization of the content is something that only experts can do!

    The content we provide is 100% original, well crafted and optimized as per the latest google content policies. So, you don’t need to worry for anything when it comes to quality writing.

    Hack Ultimate Business Growth

    The world is revolutionizing and now almost every person including “Young & Old” carries a device with themselves. As per the study, 5.4 hours on average people spend time using their phones to search or browse information. And with the passage of time, It will be more and more because now everything is available on just 1 click. If you haven’t focused on increasing your business digitally then it’s the right time to move your business and empower it with digital tools.

    Our strategies will level up your rank on search engines like Yahoo, Google or Bing. Our creative team will build trust and reliability with your audience. We use updates and latest techniques to fulfill the client`s demands.

    Why you should choose Artimization For SEO Services.

    Incorporated and valuable solutions for SEO.

    Unpaid Approach to the audience.

    Veteran SEO consultants.

    Best results in the least time.

    Tracked exposure of SEO.

    100% Money Back Guarantee.

    Case Study

    How We Have Achieved 70% Success Rate In Just 2 Months

    Egygamer hired us for 2 months to do SEO and assist with increasing their overall organic traffic and sales.


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    Dubai SEO Packages

    Pricing & Plans

    Find the best SEO pricing & packages in Dubai that increase your website
    ranking on top search engines within a short span of time.

    Standard SEO

    Silver Package

    Per Month
    • 10 Keywords Primary + Secondary
    • Limited article submission
    • 3 Blog Posting (500 Words)
    • Monthly SEO & Activity Reports
    • Best result within 9 months
    Advanced SEO

    Gold Package

    Per Month
    • 25 Keywords Primary + Secondary
    • 3 Articles (500 Words)
    • 7 Blog Posting (500 Words)
    • Monthly SEO & Activity Reports
    • Best result within 6 months
    Enterprise SEO

    Platinum Package

    Per Month
    • 50 Keywords Primary + Secondary
    • 7 Articles (500 Words)
    • 15 Blog Posting (500 Words)
    • Weekly SEO & Activity Reports
    • Best result within 6 months

    Frequently Asked

    Why You Should Hire Artimization in Dubai?

    Artimization is the leading SEO company in Dubai with a team of 50 people. Our core expertise is not only limited to SEO but also in Graphic designing, Web development, On-page optimization, Off-page optimization, Video marketing, PPC, Blogging and PR Management for the firms internationally. We have a strong presence in the USA, PAKISTAN, DUBAI, AUSTRALIA & UK with more than 350 online reviews across the globe.

    How Much Does it Cost to do SEO in Dubai?

    Our SEO plan starts at 299$ and it goes up to 849$ a month. SEO cost totally depends on how difficult is your keyword & how much is the competition. Once we determine this, We can give you an exact price for that. However, our premade packages work and reliable for small and medium-sized businesses in Dubai.

    How to Find Affordable SEO services in Dubai?

    Artimization offers affordable SEO services Dubai. Our basic package starts at 299$. When we say AFFORDABLE, we are asking you to find a balance between ‘The Skills’ and ‘The Cost’. We have more than 11 years of experience in SEO and we never waste your time and money too.

    Do You Also Provide SEO Consultancy in Abu Dhabi?

    Yes! We set up virtual calls to conduct meetings and provide a plan. If you are based in Abu Dhabi or any other area in Dubai then contact us and we will assist you further.

    Does Artimzation Provide SEO Audit Service?

    Yes! We do provide SEO audit services in Dubai. Kindly share your website with us through contact or quote request form. We appreciate you telling us everything about your business and if you have already have done SEO in the past with any company. We will ask you to share previous reports as well.

    Hiring SEO Agency in Dubai is Expensive?

    No! SEO is a long term investment which gives 5 times more return once your keywords ranked successfully. Everyone charges differently for SEO but our pricing is still competitive for small businesses in Dubai.

    How To Hire SEO Agency in Dubai?

    You can hire an SEO expert in Dubai at a reasonable cost with Artimization. Have a look at our SEO packages and pricing and place your order.

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